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Community Competition #2 Winners!
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Thank you everyone who participated in Uncharted’s second Community Competition! All submissions deserve a well round of applause for the time and creativity put into each and every one of the quest-lines submitted!

After much discussion with the developers and game creators, we have finally come to a final decision as to which quest-lines will be implemented onto the server and be rewarded with some sweet prizes! For this competition, we have 3 Honorable Mentions and the top 3 winners, so let's get right to it!

Honorable Mentions:
@raptorfang's "Everything Gold!":
With a well-thought out, descriptive and extremely lengthy quest-line, Raptorfang slid his way right into a place here in the Honorable Mentions!​
You can view his quest-line...​

Quality of Life Update Update 2.3.1 - Dock Locators, New Quests, and more!

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Hey guys, due to a few people being away this week and us starting to work on more long term content, we don’t have as much of a big update as we normally would, but we do have a few small things to show you for this week!

Dock Locators

Dock Locator

For those just starting...

Content Update Update 2.3 - Monthly Quests, Public Islands, Metal Detectors, and More!

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Monthly Quests


Monthly Quests work similarly to Daily Quests, in that there are three that are assigned to everybody - except they last for a month rather than a day. At the end of this month, quest data will be reset for these quests, and new ones will fill their places.

Unlike Daily Quests, Monthly Quests are tiered. This means that once you complete one tier of a quest and receive its rewards, you will be given the...

Quality of Life Update Update 2.2.1 - New Quests, New Ore Essences, Undead Kit Crates, and More!

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New Ore Essences

New Ore Essences have been added to assist in the completion of quests (especially some of the new ones), one of which is the first Ore Essence that plants itself in a block other than stone. You can now find the following Ore Essences from any tier between 1-5:



Content Update Update 2.2 - Global Boosters, New Skills, Kit Buffs and More!

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Global Boosters


Global Boosters are now available for all to use! They work just like personal boosters, except they affect ALL players that are online while the booster is active. The best part - they stack with personal boosters! This means that if there is an active...

Quality of Life Update Update 2.1.1 - New Ancient Kit, New Quests, Bug Fixes, and More!

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Hello, pirates!

Welcome to our first minor, or Quality of Life (QoL), update! As our content updates are slated to be released every 2 weeks, these sorts of updates will be released in between the content updates. These QoL updates focus mainly on bug fixes, however, we may also add minor content updates as well.

New Ancient Kit: Rift


A brand-new kit with a brand-new exclusive, full-set, enhancement!
The focus of the Rift Kit is the new Pearler enhancement that, when worn, will allow...

Content Update Update 2.1 - Bounties, New Tide Shifters, Blustering Sea Gem, and More!

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This update is for those that like to spend their time dominating the Open Seas! We wanted to add some exciting new features that can drastically change the outcome of fights, encourage more fights, and give players new things to explore while in the Open Seas!

Let’s get right into it -



Content Update Update 2.0 - Player Shops, Voting Rewards, Ancient Kits, and More!

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Welcome to content update 2.0! Due to Uncharted’s shift in management (discussed here), we believe that our vision for Uncharted is far beyond anything that was previously established. While the features in this release do not drastically change the gameplay of Uncharted at its core, they mark the beginning of a new journey for Uncharted - which is why we feel as though this update is worthy of the “2.0” title.

Also, don’t forget to check out our official trailer and our first reward opportunity!

Anyways - as I said, this update does not drastically change any...

Quality of Life Update Update 1.15.4 - Double XP Weekend, Cursed Chests, +more

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Welcome to patch 1.15.4! As requested, we’re making blood moons more valuable with a new rare drop that can occur from them! We’re also running our first DOUBLE XP WEEKEND combined with a handful of other balance changes and adjustments.



Quality of Life Update 1.15.3 - Super Spawn Eggs, Timber, and 3 new /skills

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Patch 1.15.3 is live!
We’re introducing a handful of new skills and a new legendary item this week. We’ve been working on dungeons a lot recently, which has been taking most of our attention. For now, enjoy some new skills, a new Gem, and a new special item to collect!


Super Spawn Eggs
Super Spawn Eggs are an easy way to spawn a variety of mobs extremely quickly. Activate them on an island to summon a...

Quality of Life Update 1.15.2 - Blood Moons, Squid Spawners, Balances and Adjustments!

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Welcome to Patch 1.15.2!
We have some exciting changes and new content for you guys this week. We’ve been listening to community feedback very carefully, and thank you all for your continued support!

Let’s get into what’s launching today…


A Blood Moon is rising…

Our first Open Seas event goes live today! Introducing...

Quality of Life Update Update 1.15.1 - Demon Undead Kit, 6 New Quests, +more!

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We hope you’re all enjoying the Shadow Sea Festival, pirates!
We made the choice to roll out the Halloween event for Uncharted earlier this week – in case you missed it, check out the post below!

Patch 1.15.1 expands on the content we released on Wednesday, as well as brings along a few other changes and adjustments to the game. Let’s jump into it!



The Demon has made its way from the depths of the ocean with loot never...

Content Update Update 1.15 - Let’s go Fishing!

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Yeah, yeah… an ocean-themed server without any fishing. The jokes can end now!

I’m super excited to finally release FISHING as one of the new passive PVE ways to earn loot, treasure, and more! We’ve made some pretty exciting adjustments to how it would work normally, and we hope you like it.

Let’s Go Fishing! 🐟
All normal fishing rods work with the new fishing mechanics, you don’t need anything special! You can either craft a rod using string or buy one from the Trading Post, then find any body of water to get started!

Catching Fish 🎣
Fishing is very similar to how normal Minecraft works - toss your rod out into the water and wait to catch a bite, shown by particles...

Content Update Update 1.14 - Intro to West Nolem, Gem Crafting, Purifying, and Crushing!

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Update 1.14 is live!
It’s finally here, the first expansion to the mysterious WEST NOLEM! Way back in August, we gave you guys, the community, a choice between whether Crew Battles or West Nolem should come first - but that doesn’t mean we weren’t going to do both!

This excited patch will make it easier than ever to make use out of old gems you no longer care for, create the gems you want, and improve the success chances of low-quality gems.

Enough intro, let’s start on what’s new!

[IMG alt="West...

Quality of Life Update Update 1.13.1 - Repairing Tweaks, New Treasure Loot, Kit Crates, and more!

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Update 1.13.1 is now live!
This update is an adjustment and patch update. We’re working on more awesome features to roll out in the coming weeks, and because of that, we did not want to rush any new features for today – nevertheless, we have some pretty awesome new stuff that we’re sure you’re all going to like!


Until Sunday at Midnight (EST), all Sunken Chest Keys and the 3 special chest types sold by the plunderer (Spawner Chest...

Content Update Update 1.13 - Raider Kit, New TNT, New Quests, Gem Qualities, +more!

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Ahoy, Pirates!
We’re back with another update – one that sets the stage for some of the mechanics to come in West Nolem, QOL improvements, and a new undead kit! Let’s jump right into things, as always!


The Raider has been joining crews for battles for nearly his entire pirate career. This aggressive NPC has brought with them some new TNT types that’ll surely cause your enemies to tremble in...

Content Update CREW BATTLES - Content Patch 1.12

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Get your crews ready - battles are here! It’s time to fight against other crews, earn Battle Points, Gold, and of course the winnings of the others!


What are crew battles?
Crew battles are the “raiding” feature to Uncharted. Battles mean that your crew island can be put under siege by other crews if they find a map to your island location! Participating in crews allow you to win Gold, put other islands at a disadvantage, expand the borders of your own crew island, and much more!

Can my personal island be attacked?
Nope! Battles only work against Crew Islands.

How do battles work?
To sum up the...

Quality of Life Update 1.11.1 - Crew Island Defenses: Proximity Guardians, Trigger Blocks, and more

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Our first segmented update? What’s this? Well, we wanted to give everyone enough time to prepare their island defenses before we launched crew battles (raiding), so we’re releasing our first segmented update. This patch contains almost all the tools you’ll need to protect yourself for the oncoming battles being activated - as well as some details about what’s coming with that release, as well!

Onward to what’s new…



Content Update Content Update 1.11 - Crew Islands, New Spawners, and much much more!

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One of our longest awaited updates finally drops today, and we can’t wait to empower crews with more than just a chat channel! This update is so massive, we’ve had to split it among 2 different patches. This first one will include all the basics of crew islands, new spawners, and more tools to give /crew some much-needed love - while the next patch focuses on Crew Battles!

Where is West Nolem?
About 2 weeks ago, we ran a poll for you guys to decide what content you wanted to see more - Crew Islands, Battles, and New spawners or West Nolem, which includes new quests, gem crafting, and more… and the majority ruled! You can see that...

Content Update Content Patch 1.10 - Soul Shields, Spawner Chests, Repairing Changes +more

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Welcome to Content Patch 1.10!
This update is an important preliminary patch as we prepare for our upcoming release of Crew Islands! We’ve released some new features this week to improve our tutorial experience for new players, balance some additional mechanics that needed some love, and give a brand new chest type to find in the Open Seas!

Let’s get right into it!


Re-Balanced Repairing Values
We’ve changed repairing values...

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